Robo #3

Jesse Keppler
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Corporations have replaced governments, robots have replaced human labor and even the human mind is commoditized. Sunburst Technologies, a defense and weapons corporation in NeuChicago has created the cybernetically armored Robo to defend their interests from the bizarre threats of this world.

With the Robo armor damaged, Charles ventures out for a night on the town. But Sunburst becomes the victim of corporate espionage. The hunt to find out more leads Charles to discover something terrifying being built beneath the city.

This issue focuses on the social strata and different lifestyles in the corporate controlled world of NeuChicago. This is a world where Have and Have-not applies to basic human rights as much as property.

  • Robo #3 Digital Comic (PDF)

  • Genre
    Cyberpunk / Superhero
  • Pages
  • Interior Art
    Black and White
  • Writer
    Jesse Keppler
  • Artist
    Renzo Podesta
  • Robo #3 Digital Comic (PDF)
  • GenreCyberpunk / Superhero
  • Pages20
  • Interior ArtBlack and White
  • WriterJesse Keppler
  • ArtistRenzo Podesta
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Robo #3

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